Why aren’t more Americans listening to K-Pop?

Rap, Country, Rock, and EDM. These are among the most popular types of music in the United States but there is  much more in  the world of music. So, why aren’t Americans giving K-Pop a chance?

K-Pop (Korean pop) comes in various forms, having different sounds, and looks. CL is South Korea’s version of Beyoncé and  “Hello Bitches” almost makes Sasha Fierce look tame. She’s definitely NSFW and I was pleasantly surprised with her music. Of course, there are girl groups like 2NE1 (pronounced twenty-one), you might’ve heard their song in a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 commercial. There are also boy bands like their label-mates BigBang.   Some of the top K-Pop artists have made it to the US, performing at KCON, the K-Pop music festival and convention, which has been entertaining Americans since 2012. Among this year’s groups were Mamamoo, which has a funk, jazzy-feel, and BTS, which has an EDM sound mixed with Hip-hop. 

The emergence of Psy’s  “Gangnam Style” in 2012 gave the US a tiny taste of what Koreans had to offer musically. His catchy beats and tongue-in-cheek music video intrigued Americans. People were learning the moves to the song, performing them at birthday parties and wedding receptions. He even performed on the Today Show. Even though he’s seen as a funny musician in America, in his home country, he’s a bit of a rebel. Psy’s singing career began in 2000 and his debut album Psy from the Psycho World  got him in trouble with the South Korean government for its “inappropriate content.” His second album also caused controversy and its sales were prohibited to people under 19.   

But Stephanie, you’re black! Yeah, so what? Music has no color. If you love a certain genre of music, you like its spirit. Sometimes lyrics aren’t the integral part (especially with modern day US Hip-hop/Rap), it’s the way the rhythm makes you feel. It’s the way a song speaks to your soul. K-Pop feeds my soul and makes me dance. Maybe you should give it a chance sometime.






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