Welcome to FML’s Summer Season

This is the second week of Fantasy Movie League’s Summer Season, featuring the hottest summer movies out in theaters. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still getting the hang of this game, but I’ve learned a lot from the hardcore players and I have come to understand the logistics. Therefore, I must complain about FML and some of its users.

The prices are KILLING ME! Week 1 and Week 2 prices for movies that were opening were exorbitant. Charging $735 for “X-Men Apocalypse” Week  1 and then $750  for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” on Week 2 is crazy. Don’t get me started on Andy Samberg’s new movie “Popstar,” which stands at $108 for opening week in theaters. The allotted budget of $1000 in fantasy money (FMLBux) is not enough to waste on hyped up flops. I rather spend my money on decent films instead of pinching pennies and settling for the lowest tiered movies to prevent me from the $2 million penalty. Yes, $2 million. I take this game seriously! I get chest palpitations while locking in my cineplex on Fridays. Most people don’t understand that there is a lot involved in this game.  I always consider the most important factors of a successful cineplex: box office results, numbers of showings in theaters, critics’ and audience ratings/percentages, comparing similar films/genres, and the list goes on.

FML players in the forums who are saying this game is getting too easy also annoy me. Podcasts and “insider” articles are a way to enlighten players and help them make informed decisions. Yet, some players claim that those are a means for “cheating” and giving players an unfair advantage. I wish these people would think back to the days when they were new to FML and looked up to the more experienced and knowledgeable players.


Players who don’t like help should get the Sacko (from FX’s The League).  I’m actually doing pretty well so far this season and if I can’t win a gift card from Fandango or an official FML T-shirt, I’d like to get the Shiva.

Do you think you can do better than me? Follow my cineplex on FML. Download the app if you really want.

I am not a paid promoter for Fantasy Movie League, but maybe I should be.


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