Apartment hunting in Central New Jersey

I feel like I’m in an episode of Love it or List it on HGTV.

Voiceover: “Dave and Stephanie live in a large two-bedroom apartment in Central New Jersey that’s close to shopping and dining areas, but after two years, they’re thinking of moving.”








Voiceover: “Stephanie needs two-bedrooms, a washer and dryer in the unit and it has to be close to her family. Dave needs a quiet neighborhood, a pet-friendly community and real wood floors. Will Hillary be able to give Stephanie what she needs or will David find them a nicer apartment that won’t break the bank?”

Apartment hunting in Spring can be difficult. Apartment hunting in Central New Jersey during Spring is even harder. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the region is $2,000. Owning a pet while living in an apartment adds more expense also. I have a tiny dog, but for most apartment communities, they charge a flat fee and monthly rent for all breeds and sizes. Honestly, I should not be charged the normal fee for a dog that barely weighs 5 lbs.

Although I don’t love where I live, I hate to think that I will lose a few nice things that I like about my apartment. For the Central NJ area, it’s quite spacious. I have plenty of closets and storage space. I have a huge master bedroom that could probably fit a lounge chaise and a vanity dresser with mirror. The view out of my bedroom window is pleasant. If I move, not only will I sacrifice my closets, I’ll also have a tiny master bedroom and pay more than what I pay now! I don’t see the necessity to move when I can’t afford to live in a smaller place. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Going back to my Love it or List it episode, I have some things that I would like to be fixed in my home to “Love it.”

Voiceover: “Stephanie told Hillary that she hates hearing her neighbors’ music and bass shaking the whole apartment at 6 am on Saturdays and Sundays. She requested sound absorbing floors to make the weekends more bearable. She also wants to make the walls sound proof in the living room and entryway.”

Voiceover: “Dave told Hillary that he enjoys sitting outside on the patio but wants it to look new and more relaxing. He also wants her to install windows and doors that are better insulated from the brutal New Jersey Winters.”

After sending out many inquiries about available apartments and being disappointed with the results, Dave and I physically visited a couple of apartment communities. The first apartment we looked at was like a small town home and was way out of our budget. The second was a one-bedroom with high ceilings, a patio with a view of a busy street and thick carpet floors. I liked the one-bedroom apartment, but my initial reaction was, “Oh God, I’m going to have a nightmare cleaning this place!” My dog has a sensitive stomach and tends to vomit and poop all over the place. Luckily, I don’t have carpets now and her “accidents” are easy to clean. But if we were to move to a place with ALL CARPETING, I would have to spend lots of time and money cleaning after her. Plus, Dave likes to walk around with shoes on in the house.

Dirty floor! I MUST CLEAN IT!


I’ve watched too many episodes of Love it or List it to know what would happen in our episode. David would show us an apartment that we can’t afford or a tiny, ugly apartment in an area far from my family. Hillary would call me telling me that she has to go over budget to give me what I want. My response to Hillary would be, “You always go over budget! I’m not letting you get away with it this time! Find a cheaper solution to my problem.” Unfortunately, my David has already showed me an apartment that is somewhat far from my family and an apartment that is smaller than what we have now, but in a nicer community. If I were to remodel it myself, how expensive can more rugs, acoustic walls and insulated doors/windows be?

I have a short amount of time to give notice and move out before it’s time to renew my lease here. I have a feeling that Hillary will finally come through with things that will satisfy us enough to stay for another year. But David always shows nice homes that the potential homeowners are stupid enough to turn down. Wish me luck!



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