Fantasy Movie League- intro commentary

One of my best friends Alyssa is really into the Fantasy Movie League and told me all about it a month ago. I must admit, I was hesitant at first. But I do love movies and I think the appeal of  “owning your movie theater” is a cool concept. Keep in mind, I’m a mega Sims fan and have been playing it since the first one came out. So, I decided I’d give it a try.


I signed up on a Friday and was unable to create a lineup because I already missed the deadline: noon EST/9 AM PST. So I had to wait until Monday night.


While I waited, I decided to snoop around the site a bit and to read the “Chatter”.  I wondered, can you “like” the comments? Is this like Reddit where I can “upvote” a comment or “downvote” it? I really wanted to “upvote” a comment!


As I read the FML 101, I thought, “Gosh, this thing likes to abbreviate EVERYTHING. How confusing.” When I saw that you get a penalty of $2 million for leaving a screen blank when they only give you $1,000 FML Bux, I thought, “Oh gosh, that sucks. Better not leave any screens empty EVER!” Why do they only give $1,000 dollars?!


The next move I made was to join a league. It was hard to find a league because so many of them are private, but the public ones seemed decent. So, I joined one that Alyssa was also in.


I have to add, while I’m writing this, I’m listening to music. Foals’ new album What Went Down is perfect to listen to while writing! I personally have the first three songs in my music library, but via Spotify, I’m listening to the full album. Thanks Spotify!!


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